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24-Jul-2017 13:26

In May 2013, we have begun co-operation with the company SEZNAM. We are obtaining panoramic images of all public roads in the Czech Republic for this company. until October 2015, we have taken pictures of more than 90.000 km of roads. We could say we are capable to scan everything, where our car passes.

we enter into every alley”, communications are truly scanned in detail.

Identify Data labels: If you know for which purpose you need data, it is important to look whether the data fits your needs by looking at the data labels and metadata (data about the data).

For example, if you want to build an application that gives advice about the best primary education in the neighbourhood, you need to check whether the data set that you would like to use includes schools that give primary education, covers the specific area you want to include and whether performance indicators are available.

We go to extra lengths to ensure that our service stays clean and safe and take all reports of misuse very seriously.

Depending on your computer skills, you can choose the file type that is most appropriate.

Fortunately, no one has ever been seriously injured and right after repair of our damaged mapping system, we went back to work.

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Check Openness: Take a look at the licence information provided about the data set.

Make sure a licence is available which allows you to make use of the data in the way that you intend (e.g.If you require data for a specific period of time, you need to check whether information about the time period is provided or it has been updated recently.

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