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11-Nov-2017 12:09

If phases are the new franchise du jour instead of films, Marvel creative overseer, Joss Whedon, seems to be modeling Phase 2 after The Empire Strikes Back.

One could also argue that between Thor’s DARK World and Star Trek’s nearing voyage Into DARKNESS that filmmakers may be taking the wrong lessons from Christopher Nolan.

This is likely the reason Marvel brought in new blood for the third entry.

Enter Shane Black, writer/director of Downey’s first “comeback film,” the wildly underrated Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005).

However, I have always been vaguely aware of this funky foe.

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To prove this, we at Den of Geek are going to examine this movie back-to-front.Which is all the more humorous, as the latter’s newest produced superhero flick is aiming for “hope,” but that’s another article…Iron Man 3’s trailer promises a hero/villain standoff not dissimilar to Batman and the Joker in that oh so, Dark Knight. If Iron Man 3 is going to be a trilogy closer for the first two films, then the honest truth is that this trilogy is not dark.