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Larger than life in every possible sense, "Big Stan" has a loud, easy laugh that carries throughout the hotel.

With a 10th-grade education, he says he made his first million, Horatio Alger-like, by the age of 30. "But I love this place and I wanted to help out the town." Budget be damned, then, everything has to be top of the line, he insists.

Grab-and-go on your way Amador Arts Summer Concert Series & Amador Flower Farm and local vineyards. at The National Hotel An unforgettable dining experience wrapped in Gold Rush-era charm.

The National Hotel - like the town of Jackson and all of California's Gold Country - wears its past on its sleeve.

"I call it a 'fat people towel.' " Whether or not you share Lukowicz's precise definition of "best," the hotel's new life as a weekend tourist stop seems an improbable turn in the long history of this local institution.

"Before going in to get your hair cut, you could look up at the balcony and pick out your date for that evening." Even so, among the many hotels, boarding houses, gambling dens and 24-hour saloons on Main, the National stood out.

Past National guests allegedly include four presidents, the "gentleman bandit" Black Bart and cultural luminaries ranging from Mark Twain to John Ford.

Taste has been selected as one of the Top 100 Restaurants in America by Wine Enthusiast Magazine!

deli A gourmet delight with the finest selection of fresh sandwiches on house baked breads, elegant entrées, charcuterie, artisan cheeses, desserts and gelato – everything to satisfy a snack or sit down meal.

Enjoy the scenic Gold Rush towns of Jackson, Sutter Creek, Volcano, Plymouth and Amador City in the heart of the Mother Lode.