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On Jay, he said: I’ve been sitting here to give y’all the truth. /You greedy bastards sold tickets to walk through his house/I'm surprised you ain't auction off the casket/Don't big bro me, don't big homie/I've seen pure admiration become rivals/I've been to Paris at least two times/I've seen the Eiffel, I've seen an eye full" Assumed Targets: The Prince Estate, Kanye West (?

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There’s also a shot aimed at Kanye West which addresses the nearly 15-minute rant ' Ye did during the Saint Pablo Tour stop in Sacramento. I survived eating guys like you/I'm surprised y'all think y'all can disguise y'all truths/I seen eyes wide as they about to shoot/You can be a hair pin off or you can trigger your roots/I wave to these haters, don't give me dap/You know the world can see just how phony you at, bruh/Y'all body language is all remedial/How you could see the difference in you and I" "I sat down with Prince, eye to eye/He told me his wishes before he died/Now, Londell Mc Millan, he must be color blind/They only see green from them purple eyes/They eyes hide, they eyes high/My eyes wide shut to all the lies/These industry niggas, they always been fishy/But ain't no Biggie, no lazy eye, huh/This guy a slave on his face/You think he wanted a master with his Masters?

Assumed Targets: Kanye West“Bam” not only samples Sister Nancy (just like Kanye did on “Famous”), but this lyric might be in response to Kanye’s line on “30 Hours”: “I hit the gym, all chest no legs.” Hov comes to the conclusion that certain rappers like to talk more than actually putting in work.